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Yutong the largest bus manufaturer in the world

Yutong sales grew from 51688 units in 2012 to 56068 units in 2013. Among which 3,897 units were new energy buses.

2013 growth

All units are produced in a single production facility which is based in Zhengzhou, China. The units are imported as completely built up units into South Africa. Paintwork according to customer specification is done in China.



The chassis is manufactured by Yutong. State of the art electro coating techniques are applied to the chassis, which improves the anti-corrosion capability of the units, and gives the vehicles excellent durability. After the chassis has completed the electro coating process, it goes into the final assembly line where the components are fitted.

Each Yutong chassis model is unique and drive train components for a specific model of bus are carefully selected to provide vehicle efficiency and durability. A number of the drive train components that are used are internationally recognized, for instance Cummins, ZF, Meritor and Thelma, and carry international warranties which are applicable in South Africa.


Body Works


The body is manufactured by Yutong. After the body has been completely built it goes through the same state of the art electro coating process as the chassis, which improves the anti-corrosion capability of the units and gives the vehicle excellent durability. A unique feature of the Yutong buses is the steel roof, front and rear, which is uncommon. This gives added strength to the vehicle, without adding extra Tare weight.



The following models are homologated in South Africa and available for sale:

  • 22 Seater commuter
  • 32/36 Seater super luxury coach
  • 45 Seater semi-luxury coach
  • 71 Seater semi-luxury coach
  • 60 Seater commuter or semi-luxury coach

Spare parts

Spares are carried by BAI in South Africa. The majority of these spares are currently carried in Boksburg, but spare holding will be adjusted to meet the footprint of vehicles, as vehicle sales increase throughout South Africa. Engine spares are also readily available from Cummins South Africa.


Warranty and after sales support


All new Yutong vehicles come with a 150,000km warranty, or 18 months, whichever comes first. The warranty is subject to the vehicle being operated according to the manufacturers specifications. The Warranty is supplied by Yutong, China, and is facilitated on behalf of the customer by Bus Africa Importation (Pty) Ltd.

In addition to this warranty which is borne by Yutong, the Cummins engine is covered by Cummins International for 2 years, unlimited mileage.


All vehicles in South Africa are supported by Bus Africa Importation (Pty) Ltd, in co-operation with Flexifleet using the Flexifleet national workshop network. Flexifleet form part of the EQSTRA limited group of companies and have a dealer network of approximately 25 workshops around the country.
In addition to this, BAI support the usage of operators own workshops for servicing and maintenance of vehicles. As long as the vehicles are serviced according to manufacturer’s specifications, then the warranty still applies to the vehicle, even if it is serviced in-house.

BAI will together with Yutong endeavour to train technicians on the Yutong vehicles in order to assist in providing the necessary skills to adequately maintain the vehicles.


Vehicle Pricing

Due to the fact that all vehicles are imported from China, the price of the vehicles is closely linked to the US Dollar, and fluctuates according to changes in the Rand / Dollar exchange rate. However, pricing is extremely competitive. Regardless of the bus model that you are interested in, the entire import process takes 3 to 4 months depending on the availability of vessels, and the availability of capacity on the production line in China.

To date there are 230 Yutong vehicles operating successfully in South Africa. Bus Africa Importation would gladly provide you with references for these vehicles.


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